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what wikiTalk is

Our world is getting smaller. Voice calling and data can now use the same technology, taking advantage of higher speeds and more efficient systems. Wikibuli's all new voice app, wikiTalk takes advantage of the march of progress and allows you to talk as much as you want and need to, all for one flat rate.

what wikiTalk is NOT

Voice network service providers are slowly becoming obsolete. This is not another voice plan with limited minutes and varying rates depending on where you call. With wikiTalk, you are not tied to how long you stay on the phone. To take full advantage of wikiTalk, everyone you know and love can download the free app and stay in touch whenever, where ever, for however long they want!


Dowload and install wikiTalk on any device that works with Apple or Android apps.

Use your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet

With a headset or you PCs built in mic and speakers, talk to anyone like they're on the phone.

Set and Forget

Updates are regular and hassle-free, taking advantage of all the latest technology available to you. Your settings and contacts remain untouched.

Keep in Touch The Right Way

Texting and messaging is so last week! Just talk to anyone, anywhere in the world without counting minutes or megs. Enjoy voice quality well above other network talk apps.


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